Luke Battista

Brief info

Luke is the sole owner of Easy Livin’ Solutions LLC, founded in the summer of 2021
Luke has spent a decade of his life in customer service and contracting roles. Paired with his appetite for business and financial books, Luke has fused these skills to create a seamless customer experience with a 5-star reputation across all the counties he serves. He is deeply passionate about the game of business, from pleasing his clients, to providing a better life to his employees, or as he calls them, his coworkers, and all of the problem solving that comes between the two. With aspirations big enough for the whole community, Luke is committed to building an operation that eases the lives of as many people as he can reach, whether that comes from never having to worry about your home again as a customer, or never having to worry about your income and life balance as a coworker, Luke’s mission is to make life EASY.